Scientia Annuals was a master brief for a print project. The project consisted of designing a brand for a fictional company with a series of book covers. I choose a science based theme as I’ve long had a personal interest in science and technology and wanted to challenge myself with an trio of books.

The three publications were unique, each drawing from the subject matter. The Biology book had a sealed agar solution in-between clear perspex sheets with the logo and title etched into the perspex. The agar solution would grow in different ways for each book.

The chemistry book was printed on litmus paper and encouraged the book owners to use different substances on the surface to make a custom pattern.

The physics book had touch sensor initiated LED lights on the cover in the shape of the reaction in the large hadron collider.

 The brand was developed by exploring visuals and ideas around science and what would work with the book format. The main focus of the brand was to be legible and simple to let the uniqueness of each book cover stand out.I also designed a series of intricate patterns for the inside covers of the book as well and title pages, contents pages and sample articles.

 Inter dispersed in the books pages were inspirational quotes from pivotal people in science. Serving as a reminder to the reader to stay engaged.

The software used in this project includes Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and building paper prototypes.