Talks & Workshops

  • UWIC careers fair with alumni, July 2013, 30 mins talk, “Life after art college”
  • Reasons to be Creative, September 2014, Elevator pitcher talk, “In-house design is not a dirty word”
  • Adamsdown Arts Association, December 2014, Workshop, “In-design for self-publishing”
  • Adamsdown Arts Association, December 2014, Workshop, “Website basics and maintaining a wordpress site”
  • Design Stuff Cardiff, December 2014, 20 mins talk, “In-house design is not a dirty word”
  • Ignite Cardiff, March 2015, 5 mins talk, “What you ‘do’ isn’t defined but what you’ve ‘done’”
  • SWUX design x developer, April 2016 1 hour panel discussion “In-house design specialist”
  • SWUX meet-up, February 2017 20 mins talk, “Fantastic In-house designers and where to find them”
  • Grrl Gamers, December 2016 , 1 hour workshop, “UX & UI for games using Illustrator”
  • Women’s Tech Hub, May 2017, 1.5 hour workshop “Usability, UX and Design basics and resources”
  • conference August 2017, 20 mins talk, “Diversity by default in design(and the awkward conversations that follow)”
  • Bristol Grammar School: Computer Science conference, November 2017, 20 mins talk, “Design, Tech and Diversity” 


Eriol is available to speak at events and conferences on the following topics: UX Design, Visual Design, In-house Design team structure, Diversity in Design, LGBTQ+ representation in Design, Designing experiences for the terminally ill and their carers.


Conferences attended

Reasons to be Creative 2013

Reasons to be Creative 2014

Vision Bristol 2014

Vox Burner: Youth 2015

TEDX Bristol 2015

Bristech 2016

Vision Bristol 2016

Gram Games 22% project 2016

Parallel Worlds at the V&A 2016

Diversity in Tech 2017

Nonbinary in Tech Conference 2017

Develop: Brighton 2017

Rabble Talks Games 2017

Lesbians Who Tech: New York 2017

Parallel Worlds at the V&A 2017

Bath Digital Festival 2017

TEDX Bristol 2017

Lesbians Who Tech: London 2017

Bristol Grammar School: Computer Science Conference 2017