Eriol Fox is…

…a multi-skilled designer with 9+ years of experience in the design industry across in-house roles. Primarily focusing on robust UX research through prototyping and design for dev delivery Eriol can perform a multitude of design functions like Interaction design, UI design, Product design and digital design. Eriol loves to make an illustration, practice writing Front-end code and is a Humanitarian/tech for good advocate and video game enthusiast.
Eriol has spent more time being an ‘all-rounder’ in a design function but is most happy when working as part of a team of designers, developers, specialists and product folks.

Eriol is passionate about D&I and actively works to make tech and design more inclusive through their talk ‘Diversity in Design’

Eriol has a undergraduate degree in Fine Art specialising in New Media and Time-based artwork, which then pivoted into a design career. Eriol’s fine art practices still prove useful in creative design projects .

Eriol self-taught the industry standard applications and expanded their knowledge and skills. They took multiple night school courses, completed work placements and freelance projects to get to the Lead designer they are today.

Eriol is problem-solving focussed and loves crafting visuals, interactions and user experiences that embed good practice research and testing.

Eriol also runs LGBTQIA+ in Tech in Bristol, is part of the leadership group of Tech for Good SW and helps run Fuse Jam.

Eriol also helps make Bristol Pride happen as part of the core community and wants safety and empowerment for LGBTQIA+ folks worldwide.

Interested in my professional credentials?

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You can contact me directly on Twitter or email: erioldoesdesign(at)gmail(dot)com

Interested in my contributions to gaming?

My page

The Bristol Pride game jam #1 and #2

Want to know a bit more about the person behind the designer?

While I love design with a powerful passion I’m also rather talkative about other things such as:

Video Games, End of life technology, Sex technology, Cartoons, Japan, Feminism, LGBTQ+ Rights, Ableist Issues, Psychology, Space, Neuroscience, Science, Comics, Post-Rock, Chiptune, Environmental Issues, Immigration Rights…to name but a few.