During my time at Confused.com I worked my way up from junior to mid-weight designer. At the point I left, I was the longest serving member of the design team and had grown the business case for the team to grow and take on more work in-house.

My main projects/responsibilities at Confused.com were:

  1. Managing and leading visuals and development for large budget, high visibility display marketing campaigns in collaboration with MSN, Yahoo and Google. These were high-profile homepage take-overs.
  2. Supporting large scale projects with visual design and implementation such as: Website redesign, company wide rebrand and above the line TV adverts.
  3. Managing and being the key visual design lead for medium scale projects such as: Credit cards re-design and user journey updating, all medium – small scale products and services, supplementary services apps, exhibition graphics and marketing and PR press projects.
  4. Mentoring and supporting junior members of staff with their visual work throughout my mid-weight position.
  5. Building the team’s internal reputation for excellent visual design work and top stakeholder management and gaining new internal work.
  6. On set photography and visual support for TV adverts and Above the line activity.
  7. Team lead and organisation in the Design directors absence.


We developed several internal apps during my time at Confused.com, including a Motoring monitor app, parking app and marketing based apps focused around game genre.


Our work on homepage takeovers saved the company several thousand pounds by handling them internally and the quality of work was regarded as higher than the previous agencies.


There were lots of opportunities to develop illustrative skills that were both within the brand and outside the brand but visually apt.


Large scale printing was supported every year through key calendar date events and useful exhibitions for the company. Developing a set design and working with large format printers was an exciting activity.

We also adopted new technology as proof of concepts early. We tested interactive, device specific adverts in digital magazines.

The software used in this role includes: the full Adobe Creative suite, Invision, Usertesting, Balsamiq, Sitecore CMS, MS office, Front-end coding in and Sublime text.

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