Eriol has worked in the design space for the last 10 years and has been leading projects and teams for the last 5. They are happiest when working alongside others and collaborating towards a similar aim and adding value to the people that use what is being created or improved (the users).

They take as much time for research, exploration and insight as possible within given restraints and loves a collaborative approach with users to building and improving the technology they use.

Eriol has 2.5 days per week to work on projects outside of their main role of a designer at the Open Food Network. Please keep this in mind when wanting to work with Eriol that this ongoing contract is already in place.

Eriol is also available for consultation on training and development especially in humanitarian approaches for design in technology and open source design structures, community engagement and contributions.

They also love illustrations, graphics, branding and identity project as well as in-depth UX and research work.

See Eriol’s projects in the portfolio section here. You can filter by the type of project you’d like to see examples of.

Email Eriol on with a subject line that includes ‘Project work’.

Please do not attach any documents to your initial email or include any URL or web links in your email. If you do this will be treated as spam and deleted. After we’ve connected on the first email and had a face to face chat via video call you can then send links and documents.