SheNomads book club and book review: The Confidence Code

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So last year in a bid to find like-minded online communities of people to talk to and connect with i found the SheNomads community. I Joined their slack channel and it’s been a consistent source of support and encouragement for me in so many ways.

One of those ways was the amazing book club! I joined up as I love to read, but struggle to stay focused on one book right to the end (I want to read so many books) and hoped that the book club would help me to finish a book in a set time frame, with a book that is relevant and useful for me.

It totally delivered, I love ‘The Confidence Code’ and have since passed it on to a friend to read. I don’t think I missed a chapter session (despite some of them being at 11pm GMT) and just adored talking with my fellow SheNomads about the topics covered in the book.

I did a guest blog for SheNomads on the book and the book club which you can read on SheNomads here!


Happy reading y’all!

-Eriol 📚

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