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Earlier this year the lovely, well-bearded Dan Spain started a series of Design/creative talks in a local Cardiff bar to great success called Design Stuff Cardiff.

Pulling together local personalities from the Cardiff creative scene and beyond Design Stuff Cardiff has managed to pull together the design community in Cardiff in a way i haven’t seen since my art school days.

Not strictly always talks about design practice the speakers often talk around the kinds of subjects that inform and supplement a career in design or creative endeavours in a way that rarely gets the spotlight outside of large expensive conferences.

There’s always plenty to learn from a community of practitioners. Be it medical, creative, industrial. Particularly if you subscribe to that practice, even if it’s just how another person works, what interests and motivates them, their background, their fears and ambitions. There’s inspiration and discussion to be found in the smallest details to the largest subjects.

The next November session features some local greats. Auralab who i’ve had the pleasure of delivering graduate advice talks with and Olwen Moseley who established the Cardiff Design festival, which in its hay-day, was fantastic for the Cardiff Design Community.

So, yes, on the 11th of December at 7.30 in 10ft Tall (in central Cardiff) I’ll be talking my ‘In-house Design is not a dirty word’ which was written as my 3 minute Reasons to be Creative elevator pitch talk and expanding the points to cover a 20 minute talk (with 5-10 minutes for questions).

So be sure to get tickets if you intend on heckling, cheering or… checkling… and have your In-house design questions at the ready!

What was that link again you ask? Design Stuff Cardiff of course!